Homeowners, Renters, Unit Owners Insurance . . .

protects your dwelling-where your family and friends meet.  It also protects your possessions. We'll help you determine the value of your property, buy the right type of coverage, and supply the protection you need within your policy. You may need additional coverage for "high-ticket" items such as electronics or jewelry, or for protection against natural disasters such as flood, that the basic policy may not cover.  Legacy Insurance Solutions, Inc. can give you the protection you need in the event that your home and your possessions are damaged, destroyed or stolen.


Protecting Yourself

Accidents happen ... and as a homeowner, you could be held liable for injuries to visitors that occur in and around your home due to unsafe conditions.  We can help protect you from many types of lawsuits and liability claims lawsuits brought by others for accidental bodily injury while in your home.


Liability Umbrella Insurance

You've worked hard to build your legacy which may include a car and a home, a century farm, or a successful business.  Liability umbrella insurance adds an extra layer of financial protection from an unexpected lawsuit.  Insurance to cover your auto, home, farm and ranch, business, RV, and boat provide primary liability protection. But, if a lawsuit or an accident were to exhaust your primary liability coverage, you could be in desperate financial situation.  Having liability umbrella insurance can provide you with additional protection over and above your primary insurance limit.  The more you own in property and other assets, the more you stand to lose. 

Here are a few examples of situations which could suddenly cause expenses that exceed your primary coverages:

  1. A visitor slips and falls in your home or on your property.

  2. While driving your boat, a friend is injured.

  3. One of your social media posts results in a slander or libel suit.

 Contact your Brian or Sherre today to learn how liability umbrella insurance can help protect your legacy.



"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."  ~ William Morris, Victorian Era English Designer