Health Insurance

Insurance to pay your costs for medical care. Through a wide variety of leading carriers, we cover individuals, families and groups with many deductible, prescription and co-pay options.  Special plans for short-term needs, dental coverage and eye care are also available.

Health Insurance is changing almost every day.  Let us help you make the best choice you can to protect your family.  We have access to a full range of insurance products with the top-rated companies in the United States.  You deserve the best price and coverage options.

There are many policies out there, many of them at rock-bottom prices. Trouble is, their coverage is usually also at rock bottom, meaning you may actually have no coverage at all in the face of a major health event. That could be catastrophic.

Legacy Insurance Solutions, Inc. never wants that to happen to you. Therefore, our first priority is to serve your best interests by identifying the coverage most appropriate to your current health situation. Then we compare prices for that coverage across some of the nation's top-rated insurance carriers.

So with Legacy Insurance Solutions, Inc.,  your costs are comparatively low, but the value you receive is high.

Medicare & Medigap

We make Medicare & Medigap easy to understand

Do I have the right Medicare plan? What supplemental, or Medigap, coverage do I need? What if I have a preexisting condition? Am I paying too much?

The Medicare universe can seem complex and overwhelming. But we are relentless about staying up-to-the-minute on Medicare laws and provisions. So we understand the 10 different Medicare plans and how to choose the one best suited to your needs.

And that's not all. The experts we work with extend this expertise to help you choose the right Medicare supplement, one that fills the gap that exists between what Medicare pays and your out-of-pocket costs. We then shop some of the nation's top insurance providers to make sure you receive top value for those coverages


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