Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects your business, regardless of type or size.  It covers you for your responsibilities to others if your business causes damage, injury or financial losses.  Depending on your operations, you may require professional liability or product liability to defend your work.


The principle purpose of property insurance is to pay you to restore or replace your own property after it is damaged, destroyed or stolen. We work with you to establish an accurate value for your buildings, equipment, tools, computers, etc. Because we are an independent agent we shop around for the best combination of coverage and rates for your property.

Business Auto

There is a significant risk present with the vehicles you own or use in your business. Not only can they be damaged or stolen, but they present a risk to your employees and your business. You don't want gaps in coverage, insufficient limits, inaccurate vehicle values, or poor risk management.  They can be devastating to your business.


Workers Compensation

Your employees are protected for on-the-job injury and lost wages. We help you with loss control services to reduce the risk of injury and hold down costs. Many of our companies offer panels of physicians and nurses who are specialists in work-related injuries.


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